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Best Halloween Treats For Your Teeth

Best Halloween Treats for Your Teeth

Halloween is right around the corner and everyone enjoys trick or treating.  Even dentists hand out candy!  There are plenty of healthy options for your teeth (and brush your teeth for the ones that are not :)).

Glow Sticks

Children love glow sticks and it helps light them up and keep them safe while they’re going door to door. This is a great alternative to candy that can even help them accessorize their Halloween costume!

Sugar-Free Gum

Kids love to receive gum for Halloween and there are plenty of great tasting sugar free options. Gum even helps create saliva which helps prevent cavities.

Scary Toys

Cheap Halloween Toys are another great alternative to sugary candy. Spiders, vampire teeth, face paint and temporary tattoos are all fun, and kids love them.

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