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If a tooth is damaged and it can not be repaired, it will need to be extracted. Sometimes, a tooth may need to be removed to create enough space for adult teeth to come in. This is especially true for children in need of braces. An extraction may be needed if baby teeth have not fallen out when permanent teeth are ready to move in. Finally, wisdom teeth may need to be extracted before or after they come in. This typically occurs in a child’s late teens or early adulthood.

All extractions are different and treatment may vary depending on the complexity of the procedure. Our doctors will walk you through the entire process prior to starting an extraction. Dental x-rays may be needed to help plan the removal process. Antibiotics may need to be prescribed before and after surgery. Typically, local sedation is all that is needed to complete a simple extraction. However, conscious sedation, local anesthesia or IV anesthesia may be considered.

Post Extraction

After the extraction is complete you will be given a complete set of post-procedure instructions. A follow-up appointment will be made to make sure you are healing properly. If you have any questions you can call our office and we will answer all your concerns.

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